I posted this in another thread but reposting for visibility, now that I have a video to post. Basically, I'm not always happy with my pick attack or the feeling I get on the string. I don't always feel like I'm slicing through it and at times I get caught on the string. I angle the pick, and pay attention to my mechanics. I'm not sure what the issue could be.

Maybe you should implement some picking exercises into your practice schedule? I find picking exercises to be the best thing you can do to improve your picking accuracy or the comfort you have with the strings. There's some picking exercises out there where you just mute the strings and focus on your picking hand on how you angle the pick..

For example there's some with string skipping or just going up, and down the strings it's great to do these exercises with a metronome at which ever speed you feel most comfortable and confident that you can do the exercise perfectly at. Then when you feel comfortable with the exercise at the current speed your playing at bump it up 5 BPM then repeat this same process over, and over again you'll notice instant improving in your picking.

you might be losing some power from bending your thumb - sometimes it looks like you're using your thumb/index as part of the picking motion. if you straighten it out, your grip on the pick will be much more rigid, and if you move this entire rigid unit with your wrist you should be able to get a heavier attack.

i read a really good article on here that said to envision that your hand is a wrecking ball with your wrist as the swinging point, but unfortunately it was a long time ago and i don't remember which one.
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