so i was wondering if a hss pickup configuration is good for kinda punk/rock (blink 182, green day, or all time low) sound??????
yes it will work fine. The Seymour Duncan SH-4 would work fine
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Hey man , If your looking for a punk tone go with any middle output pick up .
It really doesn't matter if you have "Humbucking pickup A " it's punk man !
It's about the aggression and rawness , But if you really want a suggestion (which I know you do) Look at the Duncan JB or Jazz , both great pickups .
say , what are your current guitar pickups ? are the singles or Humbuckers ?
If you want singles then HOT RAILS ALL THE WAY !
Almost any pickup that still works. Armstrong from Green Day has a ton of guitars but favors LP Jrs with P90. Black Flag used Dan Armstrong and Ibanez. The Stooges, Sex Pistols, were a mix of Gibson with a lot of P90 axes. Joe Strummer played a Tele.

Punk is counter-culture by design so unusual/off brand/non-conventional usually works. Just turn up and wail!
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Guthrie on tone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmohdG9lLqY
Pretty much any bridge position pickup that has a bright high/midrange to it.

A lot of pickups out there can do that. One of the best pickups I ever heard for that snarly punk sound is the p-90 pickups that come in SX guitars, but with the volume pot changed out for 500k or 1meg (what I personally like to do).

Tom Delonge used a duncan invader in his alder strat guitars. Pretty much that's the only kind of guitar that kind of pickup sounds decent in (in my personal opinion, and from what I keep hearing) Otherwise that pickup doesnt get much application elseware and is an acquired taste.

Go the 'hot pickup' route if you like, you can't go wrong really. All I wanted to say is you'll find just about every other kind of well balanced pickup can hold it's own in every situation and most pickups aren't really worth coveting. Especially if your playing isnt particularly impressive.
Pickups for punk are pretty easy. Get something that is wound hot and uses Alnico 5 magnets. For your singles I'd try and get something around 8K because that has a nice agressive upper midrange that is sort of like a P90. For the bridge humbucker aim for something that is at least 8.5K and up to 16K. 16K is going to be darker and kinda muddy so it'll give thick ballsy distortion but won't have that aggressive top end. 8.5 is going give you a more aggressive top end but won't be as thick and ballsy. Get something somewhere in the middle and it'll give you a balance somewhere in the middle. I like something in the neighborhood of 14K.
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any decent reasonably high output (but not silly) bridge pickup (probably humbucker but p90 will also work) is gonna work just fine if the amp is suitable. JB or something like that.
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Blink, Green Day, and ATL are POP-Punk.

Hss should work fine, Blink and Greenday Are mainly A High(er) output HB in the bridge of a strat.
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SD Invader any day for punk rock/hardcore styles, put it in the bridge of one of my older Kay guitars and it sounded brutal!!