Hey guys!

SO as of today I finished what I think will be my pedal board for a while, but I'm not sure what order to put the pedals in. The pedals are

Suhr Koko Boost
Protone Deadhorse
Jerry Cantrell Wah
Eric Johnson Fuzz Face
ZVex Fuzz Factory
Soundblox Multiwave Distortion
Big Muff Pi
Ibanez TS9
Strymon Mobius
Lovepedal Zendrive
Red Witch Fuzz God
MXR FET Driver
Wampler Dual Fusion

I know it's kind of a lot of drive pedals, but I like the different flavors. Anyway, if you guys could help me order these that would be great. I usually put the Suhr Koko boost first because it has a buffer, but do I need more buffers? Will my signal have enough strength? Thank you!

It's hard to help...it's not just about putting them in order...it's how they work with each other...different OD pedals stack differently with each other, you'll have to experiment...

The wah should be first, Mobius after OD's....
The rest, just effing mess around with them...
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Given that they're mostly od/distortion pedals, I dont think it really matters. But put time and/or modulation pedals in the loop.

Be careful though, putting pedals in the wrong order may put too much signal foam pressure on the flux capacitor. And when that baby goes, pfft, get yourself and your loved ones outta the house...immediately!
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I tend to put low gain before high gain.

That is a lot of dirt pedals man, i dont think you'll ever find a perfect solution. Just try and couple the ones that work together, im assuming there wont be a time when you'll have more than two activated at once?