I've been playing an acoustic guitar for about 3 years and I think I am pretty good at it, but I'm making my transition to my electric guitar because now I am at a place I can be loud (Family issues), but anyways. I'm looking for any type of tips. Anything from how to make good guitar cover videos, like camera and everything like that to random songs that can help me get better and just guitar tips. I have a Line 6 amp and a red B.C. Warlock.

I'm working on an easy song right now. Monster by Skillet. The music I am into range from about anything besides country. I love metalcore, 80s and hard rock the best probably. I listen to them the most.

But yea, thats it.
if you're only starting do you want to be making videos right away? I'm sort of from the (just about) pre internet generation, so maybe I just don't get it, though

it really depends on the stuff you want to play, regarding getting better. it's a balancing act between playing what you like so you don't get bored, and also trying to get better as well.

the musician talk and guitar techniques forums might be better for helping you than this one (there are stickies with stuff to read etc.)- this forum is generally more for just buying guitars you don't need
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