I am looking at getting a 6 string guitar with FR.
The choices are the schecter Demon 6 FR or the schecter Damien 6 FR.
Demon is cheaper and have Duncan Designed HB-105 active pickups which in reviews are far better then EMG H-4 passive - which are installed in Damien guitar.

I play metalcore, B-tuning.
At this moment I play on Jackson JS-35 with EMG 81, 85.
Sound is good, but I tried to play on EMG Hz`s and for me Hz`s sounding better then active EMG`s.

So my question is which one of above guitars are better sounding?
What is Your choice

Thanx and sorry for my english.
Well I've got a Damien FR, though it's got the EMG 81/85 combo. Didn't know it could come with H-4s. Anyway, Seymour Duncans are really good in general, but I'd check out the specs of the Demon, there might be a reason for it being cheaper besides the pickup difference.

In the end, it really comes down to your opinion. Just go to your guitar store and see if they have them. I know that I bought the Damien FR, though with 81/85s, and it's a good guitar (just use a tube amp, EMGs don't sound too great through transistor amps in my opinion.)
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