Let's start off with the guitar. It's an Ibanez RG351DX. I've always loved the Wizard necks, and this one doesn't disappoint. Very fast and comfortable all the time. Intonation is pretty good, and the hardtail is very solid. The stock pups were pretty bad all around, but that was taken care of.

Dragonfire screamer in the neck sounds 1000x better than before. The bridge position sounds very nice and full now. There's tons and tons of clarity on the high end, with round mids and lows. I put two Fender Hot Noiseless pups in the mid and neck. The mid+neck position is absolutely beautiful for cleans. I love the single coil qualities instilled for high gain leads as well. It just adds a certain soul to the sound.

The first pedal is an AMT E1. This is my favorite piece of gear I have or ever have owned. There is nothing I do not like about it, it's truly outstanding. It's just a wall of crushing, beautiful sound. It has such a crunchy high end, with mid-lows that shake your very core. Okay, I'm being a little dramatic, but I love this thing.

Pedal number two is a Joyo AC Tone. It's not bad. I use it to impart some Vox jangle into my cleans, and it does that reasonably well. The controls are touchy, and it's very easy to get too glassy or too bright. However, set up right, it can do it's job.

#3: Danelectro Fish n Chips. Not much to say about this, it's an EQ pedal. It does it's job well and I've made my sound fuller and added clarity with it.

#4: Mooer Shimverb. I only use this for cleans. It adds a really nice element to them. It almost sounds sad, but in a good way. I really prefer it to normal reverb, it's got a smooth chimy vibe to it that makes cleans seem more complex. Sounds like garbage with distortion unless you're going for something creepy. Works great for the Lavender Town theme. The non-shimmer modes suck. The color knob is pretty useless, I have no idea why you would ever turn it down. I wish the level knob was a level knob and not a mix knob. It starts to kill your attack as you go up.

#5 Digidelay. Really nice sounding, adds depth to leads. I don't really do any crazy delay stuff, so I can't say much about it. I use the Mod setting and it does a good job for how I use it.

The amp is a Peavey Valveking 112. The clean channel is pretty nice, and it's all I use. It does a great job letting my pedals through. The bright switch is a Godsend and just makes everything so much clearer. I have it set as:
Bass-6 Mids-6.5 Treble-0 Bright switch on
This makes it a very neutral platform for my pedals. The stock speaker sucks, but you already knew that. I added a Jensen Mod 12-50 to it that made it 100 times better. I plan on upgrading to a speaker with a higher sensitivity rating and wattage rating. As it is now, it doesn't get too loud before it starts to break up, which I hate. But as long as I keep the volume knob below 3 or 4, it sounds very very good.

As I said, I never use the gain channel, but I have tried it. It's terrible, just plain terrible. Muddy, lifeless, and dull is how I would describe it. It has a decent amount of gain, but it just doesn't sound very good. I had a Crate V33. It was a very vintage-sounding medium gain type of amp. That does not suit my playing at all, but it's gain was still much better than the VK's. And the AMT E1 destroys it without question.

Here is my sound clip: https://soundcloud.com/tas38/ned
First part:
Dragonfire Screamer Bridge > AMT E1 > Dan'o EQ > VK
Second part:
Fender Hot Noiseless Neck > AMT E1 > Dan'o EQ > Digidelay > VK
Third part:
Fender Hot Noiseless Mid+Neck > Joyo AC Tone > Dan'o EQ > Shimverb > VK

I really didn't capture how good it sounds. It sounds like a cheap imitation version of my rig or something. I have no interface, so it was just mic straight to computer. And if my playing sucks, please don't tell me
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AMT E1 > Joyo AC Tone > Dan'o EQ > Shimverb > Digidelay
The link isn't working for me at the moment, hows about some pics of your rig in the mean time

Just a quick question though, what don't you like about the non-shimmer modes on the ShimVerb? They're not excellent, but I find them usable.
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When you use the E1 you are running it directly into the FX loop return right?
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They just sound too much like a bunch of tiny slapbacks. It's just too choppy for reverb, and not smooth enough. Maybe I was a little harsh in my criticism, but it really isn't that good.

I use the E1 into the input, not the effects return. I know that's weird, but I love the sound it gives with the bright switch engaged on the Valveking. I dime the mids on the E1 to compensate for going through two preamps. It just sounds much fuller and clearer this way. I set the volume knob to unity gain on the E1.

Is the link still not working? And I will take a pic of everything when I get a chance.
RG351DX - Bridge Dragonfire Screamer, Mid+Neck Fender Hot Noiseless
Peavey Valveking 112 - Eminence GB128
AMT E1 > Joyo AC Tone > Dan'o EQ > Shimverb > Digidelay