if so - do you enjoy it or do you think "why did i post that"

So i was looking at old facebook statuses the other day and started to think why did i post that - just wondering has anyone else ever looked back at old posts on here or any other site and thought "what i was thinking" looking back at
I don't look at old posts on here or on Facebook.

I do go back through my old fb pics sometime though because someone mentioned something about what I used to look like and I pre-cringe and check everything, but then they make me remember having fun with friends at the time the photo was taken so it's ok
Yeah, sure I do!

I cringe at some stuff, but mostly I like what I write.
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I don't know anything about this topic, but I just clicked on this thread because of your username :O
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Bookmarked this thread. Hopefully UG will still be around in 2020.
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I do, it's a good way of making sure you don't act like a dickhead the same way twice.
a lot of my old posts are things that i'm not sure why i said

like they don't seem likes things i would say

but generally i still approve of them

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I make sure I don't.

you deleted your potted plant thread anyway
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I hate seeing my old posts. A lot of them are just stupid unfunny garbage. I pretty much delete all the ones i see that are at least a month old +
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I did on another site and deleted everything I didn't like saying.

Here, I just look back, remember and laugh.
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you deleted your potted plant thread anyway

And I had worse threads than that.
I don't look at anything from back then because of reasons.
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I hate seeing my old posts. A lot of them are just stupid unfunny garbage. I pretty much delete all the ones i see that are at least a month old +

I try to avoid doing it because I just cringe so much. Not at what I used to say but how I used to type.


lololol wat did u do 2day? XD
i cringe at pretty much everything i have posted on the internet in the last 5 years. And im pretty sure in 5 years i will cringe at everything i have posted now.
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