I apologize ahead of time if this thread is being posted in the wrong category, from the list it seemed like a good place to start

I've used UG for some time now and feel that the best way to get what I need out of this tool/site is to subscribe (yeah guys I'm finally gonna give ya some cash HAHAHAHA).

I use UG on both my iPad and computer and would like to know if I need to pay for a subscription on both platforms to access all the goodness of the tool?

I'm really getting tired of having sheet music all over the place and forgetting it so I'd like to have my iPad be my primary place to have all my music but when I'm working out songs or playing at home the computer will be used.

Thank you for a great site and product!
As a follow up, does the Tab Pro subscription include the iPad subscription or would that be additional? Just trying to figure out what is what