I have an old ESP LTD JH-200 Jeff Hanneman signature guitar that is about 4 and a half years old and the black nickel Kahler X-Tremolo bridge has turned a little greeny on where i place my hand and it is getting really rusty now. Also, there is a ton of dust under the saddle of the kahler bridge.

So the question is whether i should get a new bridge or just get a new guitar.

im looking at the kahler hybrid series in black hardware hoping it wont turn green and rust like the black nickel one, which is gonna cost me a few hundred dollars.

The other option would be to get a new guitar of similar shape and preferably with a kahler since im so used to a kahler and floyd rose bridges feel weird to me. So im currently looking at the ESP LTD Jeff Hanneman JH-600, which is gonna cost me around a thousand or so.

I really love the shape and feel of this old guitar but im not sure if upgrading it is the best option compared to saving up more and getting a newer and better guitar.

If not the JH-600, then any better recommendations?

Thanks for reading and i appreciate every help i can get.
you can just take apart the bridge you have and clean it up. if you like the guitar you have then the other option is to replace the bridge which is what I'd do. be cheaper.
Clean it. Guitars get dirty, greasy, and the brass oxidizes and turns green from the sweat in our hands. A little clean and polish once a year or so is just normal maintenance.
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1. Check with Wammi World (www.wammiworld.com) and see if they're willing to trade in your old bridge for a new one. For a while they were running a promotion that did this. Obviously, your old bridge AND money are involved.

2. Wipe your guitar down, keep it in the case, and toss a VCI in the case with it (swap it out about once a year). A VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) releases a vapor that coats things with a few molecules (no, nothing that you can see, feel or smell) of a corrosion inhibitor. You'll find that all the metal bits and, in particular, your strings, will last longer. Anyone with guns or expensive tools or bits and pieces for NASA knows about VCI bagging/wrapping, but an emitter works better in something like a case. It'll even help preserve the finish, including nitrocellulose finishes.