yello! I've got a komplete audio 6 audio interface, and have only used it for instruments and midi recordings into logic pro 9. it has worked flawlessly since i got it last christmas, but i haven't used it to record singing until last week when i got a TSM mt87 mkII condenser mic, and i just cant get it to work :/ the cable gives a signal when it isn't connected to the mic but not when it is... i have phantom power on ofc. i tried using a shure sm58 to see if its the phantom power screwing with me, and it has extremely low output. if i try to gain it in logic, it distorts like hell.
i have tried all inputs on the thing to see if it was just the first that didn't work, but nope...
i have gotten the latest drivers and updates from their website so its not that either...
appreciate any helpful advice :P
Is it a hybrid xlr/jack plug and if so have you made sure to switch it out of instrument mode?
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Have you updated your operating system recently?

Have you tried running it on another computer?

Have you tried turning it on and off again? this one sounds so simple, but when I had an alesis interface about 3 restarts in a row always fixed it haha

Also if youre using OSX have you checked the interface is selectedin your system preferences as well as your DAW?

I'm sure you will have tried all this but hope its helpful if not
Also if you've not used a condenser on it before it could be the phantom power itself which is shot. If you got it last christmas and live in the EU the sales of goods act says any electrical good that develop faults withtin 6 months entitle you to a repair or replacement, so handy to know in a worst case scenario where you have to contact the retailer.

If you're in the4 states I don't know if the same or similair rules apply