Hello folks, I'm looking into buying my very first 7 string guitar in the summer, since I'm such a freak when it comes to drop tunings! Is their any decent 7 string guitars for under £500? I know, most of you guys are american, so I guess it converts to approx $839. I was considering getting a Warlock Lucky 7 string which looked pretty neat. Mahogany body, Duncan Designed Blackouts, Fixed bridge, etc. But I'm not sure. So. What do you think? I'll look forward to hearing your suggestions. Cheers!

Depends what you're playing. Ibanezes are good all-rounders. ESPs too. I'd say Schecters are more for hardcore guys and less for prog. Just depends what you like to play and what's comfortable.
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Those BC rich lucky 7 series look so cheap in the pics.
Id either get an Ibanez RGD and change the pups or grab a 2nd hand ESP LTD MH417
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