Hey! I'm totally new to this community so please excuse me if there's already a thread about this, so yeah, Hi!.
About 8 months ago I bought my first Bass [Ibanez Starter Pack, 4 String], since then I've played it for about 1 to 3 hours a day, yeah I like a lot playing, and about 5 months in, my G String broke, and I went to the music store and bought a Warwick set they were better than the stock ones, another 2 months and they broke.

I wasn't surprised since the set wasn't expensive so I took another trip to the store and bought a nice Dunlop Set for about 35US$, they had a nice warm tone, well made strings.

Today, they broke and, now, I was totally surprised since they were not cheap.
Now, is this normal? My playing style is kinda hard and I do some slapping, and I can understand if that's the reason why they break but I've noticed they all broke from the saddle.
Here you have some pictures:

I've heard that you have to sharpen the saddle or something, so what should I do? Fix my bridge or keep buying string sets?

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Don't keep buying string sets. There'll be a sharp edge on the saddle, which is pretty normal for starter pack guitars. Use some incredibly fine wet and dry sandpaper to smooth it all out. If you aren't comfortable doing this, take it to a tech.

Also to replace the current broken one I would just buy a single string. Bass strings are not cheap as I am sure you have discovered.
I agree--its a rough spot on your saddle. And for single strings at a reasonable price, you can't beat JustStrings.com.
Thanks for the help! Im very comfortable making changes to my bass, but I just want to be sure, I took some macro photos at the G-String Saddle so you guys can tell me if smoothing is necessary:

I hope smoothing the saddle helps, because I really dont want to buy a new bridge

One more for the saddle hypothesis. This is a cheap fix at a shop. If you are good with tools, you can do it yourself (not recommended unless your okay with the idea of permanently ****ing up your bass
Could you post bigger pictures?
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