So, I have ended up with a 2006 Epiphone Les Paul Goth recently. (I traded it for an old Korean Ovation that just sat on a stand and collected dust.) I have already got the professional set up done to lower strings, get rid of fret buzz, set intonation correctly, and all that jazz. The guitar plays really nicely, but I am ready to improve the sound.

I have ended up with a Seymour Duncan SH-1 neck pickup, with single conductor sheilded hook-up wire, and a Gibson Burstbucker 3 bridge pickup with four conductor wire. Because of the wiring options that I ended up with in these pickups, I will just have the humbucker pickup sound from the neck, but both bucker and single coil options from the bridge, or at least that is my plan.

I have over a year of training in electronics, and multiple years of actually working electronics in the Army, so I am not at all worried about the soldering part of this project, but here is what I think I will need to do this...

One push/pull 500k alpha pot
3 500k CTS pots
Speed knobs to fit the new pots
2 .022uF caps
Switchcraft jack and 3 way switch
somewhere between 6-10 feet of braided wire (little extra to be safe)
I also need pickup height screws and springs for the SD pickup

Does that sound like a complete list of the small parts I need to order for this project?

Also, how does the pickup actually nount in the guitar? is it just some wood screws down on the bottom?

I'm probably going to order from Stewmac or Allparts. Have any of you had any experiences good or bad with either of them?