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Is it safe to add a ground wire to a Micro Terror?

Here's the story. I have had the classic ground humming when not touching strings/metal on my guitar/pedalboard which I know is completely normal. However I've realized my Micro Terror has much much more hum/buzz than my other amps. Well I got to thinking that it was because the micro terror power supply doesn't have a ground prong.

So taped a ground wire from the handle on the MT and connected only the ground prong to a power strip, and poof no more humming at all. No ground hum at all, even while running a distortion/compressor/EQ and a few others. I played around for a good 20 mins and no issues. But I'm not sure if I lucked out and escaped a good shock or was this a good fix.

So what do you think? Would it be safe to wire a permanent ground to eliminate the hum? Or am I just going to get myself electrocuted?

Heres a picture of the wire
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Adding a ground won't get you electrocuted. Remember... the ground is there to provide a path for any voltage on the chassis. Since it's the closest path to ground, that's where it goes.

However, as an electronics tech... I would want to do a more professional job of adding that ground lug. What you have it work, but it's far from ideal.
that's odd i thought the whole reason for a ground lift was to eliminate
this problem .

he's adding a ground to eliminate noise which is total opposite .
Sometimes lifting the ground reduces noise, sometimes keeping the ground connected reduces noise. Depends on the wiring of the receptacle the amp is plugged into, and environmental factors may play a part as well.

On old, cheap amps with non-polarized line cords, sometimes inserting the plug a particular way around would affect the noise level, but this could be simply because there was usually a capacitor wired across the circuit/chassis ground and what would ideally be the neutral wire of the line cord. They were a holdover from old transformerless radios and were called "death caps" for good reason.
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Thanks for your responses! I feel safer now about it. I was pretty sure adding a ground wouldn't be dangerous. Yea the electrical tape was my test run. I'm planning on securing it to one of the screws on the back panel.

The power supply that came with is a laptop style one and only has two prongs. I wouldn't know how to go about adding a ground to those. That would sure be more convenient.
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The power supply that came with is a laptop style one and only has two prongs.

if you bought it used they changed the original supply for more pwr

they talk about it on orange forums
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