Hi there, just want to know what kind of chords these are? Taken from the song Moloko- Sing It Back


Been playing mostly barre/open/arpeggios all the time and feel too limited! Cheers!
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Do you know how to construct chords? Work out the notes in each chord (match the fret numbers and string to the note) and read some of the basic articles on chord construction.

This might sound like I'm being unhelpful, but this will allow you to work out any chord in any song which will be far more useful in the long run.

Playing an arpeggio is just playing the notes of a chord, and the typical open/barre chords tend to be major and minor chords. Try working out the notes of chords you already know and seeing what you can play, and then look at these chords and see if you know them already in a different form or if they are new to you.
1st = D# min9

2nd=Bmaj7/D# in the bass

3rd = Fm 1st inv.

4th =? partial extended chord prob , sounds Dim. leads back to D#min9 chord

5th =D# min9
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