Hi, i am new to forums so not sure what to expect in the way of replies or if i am even posting this message in the correct location!

I am a 16 yr old guitarist and having problems with my 1997 Rickenbacker 330 jetglow neck. It becomes 'sticky' and slightly difficult to play after a few minutes of use. I bought some DR stringfellow guitar pollish (i believe thats the name) and applied this to the neck and entire guitar before playing, alongside washing hands etc...

This problem only appears to ocurr on the neck as the rest of the body is fine, including wherw i pick it up from and use the polish. The fingerboard appears to be okay and i am certain its not due to previous dirt on my hands, from the strings or any other obvious causes i could think of.

Would appreciate any ideas as to why this happens, or if anyone else could share any similar problems they have on rickenbacker guitars. I also own a strat, les paul, and other guitars which do not have this problem. I also own a more recently made Rickenbacker 620/12 and the neck on this is perfectly fine even after long playing times.
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I think this is probably the right place. It's quite a niche question, though.

It might be worth posting this in the Gear Building and Customising forum as well, since it's sort of a more technical question.

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I dislike painted necks for that reason!

It's a part of having a neck with a lacquer finish on it. That sticky/slimyness is just a buildup of the natural oils and sweats from your hand on the guitar itself. Really, wiping it down is all that you can do. I have known of people who have sanded away the finish to get to the wood, which would work, but also kill your resale value.
Thanks for the quick replies! I tried a damp cloth as Tony Done suggested and this did the trick! The problem does re occur after use but as JustRooster said I think it's down to the oils on the lacquer. Thanks for the help!