Hi all,

I am thinking of selling my vox ac-15 H1TV 50th anniversary edition amp. However I can't find much info about it online, I was wondering if anyone knew how much these are going for now in the UK?

I know they are some what of a collectable, I can't find any for sale over here. Will they continue to go up in price? If so maybe it's worth hanging on to?

Thanks in advance for anyone who can answer any of these questions.
Ebay completed listing is normally the first port of call when you want to find out the rough going rate of something. Granted it's very dependent on how common your item is.

Next thing might be a more UK-centric guitar forum. I'm in the UK but not too well up on the used market. The fretboard forum is a pretty good, mainly-UK guitar forum. Might be worth asking there, if no-one else answers here.
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