I was just wondering if plaything an acoustic into an amp that was designed for electric guitars (5 watt tube) cause humming. I know there's special acoustic amps and that acoustic pickups put out higher frequencies.

Just curious on this, thanks!
no, the difference is the way the EQ reacts and the type of speakers that are used. My friend uses a Peavey vypyr tube120 with a nylon AE and it sounds just fine
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It does hum if you are standing close to your amp or using distortion. Acoustic guitars also feed back a lot easier than electric guitars. But it'll sound just fine if you are using clean tone. Acoustic amps are voiced for acoustic guitars but all amps basically do the same thing - they amplify the sound.
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it will hum if there is a mic in the sound hole, that's why people use those rubber sound hole covers, a peizo pickup shouldn't hum though, but anything will hum depending on how cheap the electronics are.
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The hum you will hear is probably feedback from too much bass, gain, or too close to the speaker. It can happen on an acoustic amp. The difference in sound would be on the limited frequency range common to electric guitar amps.
Thanks for the corrections. Thankfully I just found the source of the hum was a shady soldering job which I just redid and there is now 0 hum.