i bought a stingray and i need to get a decent amp because it's such a nice bass that it's deserves a good amp. i was going to get the amp that day but i was too overwhelmed with all the heads and cabinets. i wanted to get a combo because there less complex but the guy said i needed a head and cabinet for gigging. is this true? most of the places i plan on playing that use pa systems so would a combo work?
I just want to know that I did all I could with what I was given.
You don't need a head and a cab to gig. There are powerful enough combos. But a head and a cab may be more compact. I mean, combo is one big heavy box. Cabinet and head are two different units and cabinets usually weigh less than combos. Also, most heads today are very small.

To gig you don't even necessarily need an amp. You could just get a DI box and plug straight to it.
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You know not to take this guys advice he's just a salesman. There's nothing wrong with using a combo, plenty of people do so completely successfully. You'll be trading simplicity for flexibility and limiting your choices is all. People with separates often end up trying all sorts of combinations of amps and speakers and often spend a fortune on upgrades and have huge fun in doing this, others buy a combo and just plug and play, depends upon your temperament.

Whatever you decide upon let your own ears decide what you want. Audition as many amps as possible with your own bass until you find the sound you like best. Take your time, mistakes are expensive.
Well; what you need for gigging depends on a great many things: what kind of music you play, what are the guitarists in your band using, how loud do you play, what sized venues do you play, and do you have access to a good P.A. system (yours or one belonging to the venue)?

If you are playing heavy metal with one or two guitarists blasting away through Marshall stacks, then yes; you are going to need some serious bass firepower to keep up. If you play at lower volumes, then you might need nothing more than a good combo amp. If you play very large outdoor venues and do not have access to a very capable P.A. system, then you will need a very big amp. If you play small indoor venues and you are not doing Iron Maiden covers, then you can get by with a combo. So you see, we need this information in order to give you any worthwhile advice.

If you want or need a large rig, then you must first have reliable transportation capable of moving it to and from your gigs. A lot of people seem to overlook that one.
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thanks you guys. i'll probably go with a combo because i will have access to a good pa system and will be playing at small venues. thanks
I just want to know that I did all I could with what I was given.