Im going to get a new schecter im looking at the damien platnium and the blackjack sls c-1 and the only difference i see is emgs vs seymour blackouts and the blackjack has locking tunes and its $250 more....is there more difference. Than im missing? Which would you get?
The Blackjack bridge is an expensive Tonepros bridge, the tuners are excellent Jin Ho tuners, the blackjack has two volumes knobs and a flame top, and the blackjack has a compound radius fretboard. Blackjacks also tend to be made with light and wildly resonant lumber. So the Blackjack is a nicer guitar, but the Damien is still a very good guitar. If you have the extra $250 to throw around go for the blackjack, but you won’t miss out on a lot if you buy the damien.