hey guys im here to ask a question thats been asked a million times before and has a million different answers, what song should i learn..... now i aint a total noob at guitars and i can play a few songs which il list below to give you an idea in direction, im wanting to learn stuff but i tend to end up frustrating myself by picking something way beyond my level, or something i just cant get my head round.....
i want a full song with a solo as most of the stuff we end up playing seems to end up straying away from solos, but the solo has to be sorta on a beginners scale i guess as shredding tapping and all the rest of it are way beyond my capability lol.

anyways heres a list of what we play together so far

shinedown - 45
shinedown - sound of madness
billy talent - rusted from the rain (this is about the level of solo im looking for)
offspring - want you bad
offspring - kids arent alright
youmeatsix - loverboy
fallout boy - sugar we're going down
rise against - give it all ( love playing this)
metallica - die die darling
weezer - hash pipe
3 days grace - animal i have become
3 days grace - just like you
alkaline trio - continental
linkin park - faint
static x - the only
default - deny
switchfoot - meant to live
andrew wk - party hard
limp bizkit - eat you alive

then theres a few bits i play on my own , but those are the songs im most competent with, and i guess the lines in which i want to be going, a song id love to be able to play is my curse by killswitch but i just cant get that intro going at all, and tbf its solos that bring my world crashing down as it were, finger placements and speed just end up with me in a mess, though i know its just practice practice practice, i did it with rusted from the rain as i love that song so i learned it bit by bit and we played along to the track and i just played the bits i could and through persistance and time it got better and better to the stage where now im adding in flicks and bends hammerons etc to embelish it a little bit, but anyways, im here for a song suggestion to learn, start to finish that aint to difficult at all, sounds awesome sauce and leads away from all this frustration and mental block im having
umm because i like it, and i like metallica :/ and its my preferred version, not that thats relevant to the question really
Queensryche-The Needle Lies, from Operation Mindcrime. Listen to it three times before you decide. Of course, no one can sing it but the architecture of the piece offers alot to hone your skills. The solo is melodic so you can really feel where its going. it is articulate so you can hear every note clear and concise, and the tempo will push your speed while improving your accuracy. If that aint yer cup 'o tea, try Metallica's Through the Never. Its a great piece to warm up your fingers. I suggest both.
il have a listen now, i know i should really practice and learn scales, but id rather learn songs that as said are simple enough but sound great, neer thought of through the never, my cousiin says master of puppets and whom the bell tolls but i find em both quite difficult