i really miss playing piano now that im flatting and having an easy alternative to add variety to just playing guitars guitars,
i dont really have the space for an acoustic piano nor is having one a viable option when moving around every year or two so i was considering investing in an electronic one so i could have portability and something a bit easier to handle sizewize and want to know if anyones got any recommendations. id prefer something with more of a piano playing style, ive played a few keyboards type setups with weighted keys but playing the instrument still seems kinda "plasticy" or "fake" i realise beggars cant be choosers but at the same time id rather not fork out heaps for something i dont really like playing ya know?

any reccomendations
You don't mention your budget, but I would recommend the Korg Kronos X. It has the weighted key bed and the pianos are fantastic. I have owned the Kronos X 88 for just over a year and really like it a lot. US price on the Korg is about $4k.

I am also getting ready to buy a Nord Stage 2 HA88. Another weighted key bed and some awesome pianos. Nice thing about the Nord is their sound library is totally free, unlike the Korg. US price on the Nord is about $4500.
"Beggars can't be choosers" means OP is most likely not going to purchase a top of the line synth/workstation model as listed.

Do you need 88 keys?
Are you getting it just for a piano sound?

If you need a convincing piano-action keybed, then you are going to have to pay more for that. I don't really care about key action. I have an old velocity-sensitive Roland E-30 that has been pounded on for the last 25 years, so feeling cheap doesn't necessarily mean it will break.

I would do some research online and search for older keyboards...You can find yesterday's state of the art Kurzweil, Roland, Yamaha, Korg, etc for a hell of a lot cheaper....older digital sometimes means dealing with slower hardware, but that really isn't an issue. From what I have seen online like Craigslist, you can find older top-end gear from some of the above companies for around $1000.

If you are looking for something around $300-$400, you have less to choose from if you are going to be picky.
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"but at the same time id rather not fork out heaps for something i dont really like playing ya know?" tells me that buying a better keyboard isn't out of the question, provided it plays well.

Still, would've been nice to have a budget range.
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If really you have low budget only, it is not wrong to have an electronic one, but may I suggest Yamaha Digital Piano because it had graded hammer. Its sounds might not be as rich as upright but it is just allright.