...Still Dreaming...

I usually play rock/metal music. This is something new for me...

A random idea I came up with when my picking hand thumb was broken (the part that's playing in the background). The right hand is playing 8th notes on the D string and the left hand is doing a melody (inspired by AAL). I liked how it sounded, and tried to make a full song based around it. Still not sure about the solo though, I tried some stuff and nothing really seems to fit. This is what sounds good to me now. Hope you like it.

I'd appreciate your comments.
Very full, pretty sound.

Around 1:30, I think another/more guitars should start coming in. The lead is good, but this seems less like the kind of track to focus on one melody, and more the kind that would benefit from layering a few different melodies. Just my opinion, it's good as it is too.

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