I think the music is really good. Production-wise, I can't really complain. Then again, I'm not an expert at all when it comes to that type of thing.

Bottom line: keep it up dude. It sounds good.

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Sounds good. Overall, the guitars are way too high in the mix and if there is bass I can barely hear it so I imagine it is a bass sim but nonetheless is should be brought up. I always mix the drums and bass together first and then bring the guitars in so they can be heard but do not over power anything else. If you are having trouble hearing them or another instrument start looking at making cuts in frequencies which each instrument doesn't need to be heard.
There's no bass presence at all; it really needs to be raised in the mix.

Your riffing is great, and the drum beats, while not as strong as they'd probably be from an actual drummer, are not bad by any means.

For some of the latter parts, I'd try adding in a soft overlay that harmonizes with the lead, it could make some parts fuller, especially the octave-chord parts.

I look forward to hearing it with vocals.

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Wow ! Nice riff and guitar playing, a very blinky feel to the song (but a little more technical on the lead), I loved it . As it's been said, I still find the bass to be pretty low on the mix, it could add a nice vibe to the song if it were even a little more present.

The riff's harmonization is nicely found, it makes the song fuller (I think this part is the chorus right ?), and will be perfect once the vocals will kick in. The drumming's simple but very effective, it's what is necessary for the song and it sounds great.

I'm looking forward to hearing it with the vocals, I know I would have loved to sing on that.

Great work man !
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