Hey Guys,
Really quick question.

Just got a new tube amp head; Its 50 watts into 16 ohm or 2 x 8 ohm speaker output.(Theres 3 sets of output ..inputs. 2x4 ohm jack holes. 2x8 ohms, and 1x16 ohms.)

I have a cab here, and just want to know which to plug where, as i haven't got a clue about this stuff. It's Power rating: 400 Watts into 16 Ohms mono, 2 x 200 Watts into 8 Ohms stereo.(Switchable)

In Short;
Heres the amp - http://www.thomann.de/ie/jet_city_amplification_jca50h.htm
Heres the cab - http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/BG412H.aspx

Electronics? I'm clueless. I'm sure this will be a piece of piss for you guys though. Any help appreciated. thanks!
Just plug the 16ohm mono input on the cab to the 16 ohm output on the amp. Don't use a guitar cord, get a proper speaker cable with 1/4 inch jacks on each end.
Moving on.....
ermh.. I don't think so?
I just want to know impedance wise which outputs go into which inputs on the cab? it's a 4x12 so do i just run the 8x8 from the Amp into the 8x8 in the cab?

Also..The amp is 50 watt and the cab is 400 watt..is that a problem ?
1st thing I would do if I were you is get a copy of the instructions for use booklet for your amp and then read it.
2nd thing I would do is go and by a SPEAKER cable with 1/4 jacks on either end and plug one end into the 16 ohm on the amp, and the other into the 16 ohm on the cabinet and then play the guitar.
Just bare in mind that that is going to be bloody loud and if its in a bedroom then you sir have gone way over the top. I hope the amp you have has seperate pre and post gain knobs because your going to be wanting to crank the pre side way up and the post down just to get the valves going, or at least a 25/50w switch on the back like my old Epi So Cal 50, other wise at bedroom levels its just going to sound shit from my experience. Don't worry about the 50w and the 400w thing, its not important (well it is sort of but unless your on stage cranking it I doubt you'll run into clipping/headroom issues), the important bit is to match the impedance, and NEVER power that amp up without the cabinet plugged in, because if it doesnt have a load on it it will shit itself. If you've bought that setup for the bedroom, you would have been far better off with a 5w Marshall combo.
Thanks very much mate, Very helpful!
Done everything you said, only thing is it's very noisy? I don't mean loud..Like... a static noise in the background? Im guessing it's my speakers though, the cab is a heap of shit :L

Nono, It's not for my bedroom haha xD It's in the rehearsal room at the moment, but hopefully i'll be downsizing to a 2x12 soon enough.
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Just plug the 16ohm mono input on the cab to the 16 ohm output on the amp. Don't use a guitar cord, get a proper speaker cable with 1/4 inch jacks on each end.

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