I'm looking to buy a practice amp which meets a fairly narrow set of criteria. I'm not really sure what my best options are.

It needs to sound at its best without being super loud. It will be used purely to play on my own in my house, with neighbours living next door. It doesn't need to be heard over a drummer or anything like that.

It needs to be good at providing a few decent tones, mainly clean and slightly driven blues tones. I use a Fender strat. It doesn't need a ton of amp modelling or digital effects options.

I'm looking at spending around £100 from a UK retailer. Could go up to £150 if its worth it.

In terms of research so far, it looks like the Vox AC4TV mini is pretty much what I am after - but it's been discontinued. The Orange Micro Terror with accompanying cab would be another possibility I guess.

Any help, guidance or recommendations would be much appreciated.
You could check Gumtree for a used Vox AC4?

Or even something like a Roland Cube or Fender Mustang, as you're not going to be able to crank the Vox AC4 for crunch under bedroom levels, even with the built in attenuator (though my definition of bedroom levels might be different to yours)
That budget won't get you much, especially brand-new.

Look for an used Ampeg GVT5H/GVT5-110 or Fender Champion 600.

As far as brand-new goes, the best options would be a Fender Mustang or a Vox Valvetronix.
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Up for the valvetroix idea.
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Roland cube.great amps with lots of built in goodies.


Cheap, butt simple to use, good tones.
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