Hi all.

I was wondering if anyone out there, could help me with the concept of changing the way that the Laney LV300 Twin (Combo) amp, allows itself to be connected to an external speaker cabinet.

As some of you will probably already know, this amp has two built in 12" speakers and also has provision for an external speaker cabinet to be connected to it. The proviso being or course, that you do not go lower than an 8ohms external speaker cabinet. The "Head Only" option of this amp, comes with no internal speakers and has provision on the rear, for two external speaker cabs to be connected, at 4ohms minimum overall (2x8ohms??).

What I would actually like to do, should the occasion arise, is to be able to connect "two" external 8ohm speaker cabinets (giving me the required 4ohm minimum that is stipulated .... the ability to turn it into a Laney Stack, if you will, but with a physically larger sized LV300 head unit, as it were), instead of just using the one external cabinet that is currently provided for, whilst still being able to utilize the internal speakers, when it is used as an original stand alone system. I need to alter the external connections options to the amp and to also allow the 2 internal speakers to be isolated totally at that time, such that they do not form a part of the equation, under the two external speaker cabinet circumstance. In effect, I need the amp to continue to behave exactly as it does now, at any point in the future. I need to be able to continue to connect just the one external 8ohm cabinet to it, exactly as it is designed to be connected, with the two internal speakers still being utilized with that extension cabinet, but also, by the addition of an extra jack socket on the rear of the amp, to be able to connect two external speaker cabinets, instead of the one that is currently allowed, but when that new socket is utilized, for the second speaker cabinet, it automatically isolates the existing internal speakers, but allows the two new external ones to operate, as if the amp is an LV300 head unit, that comes without speakers.

I hope that my attempts at an explanation of what I am trying to achieve, is not overly complicated and unhelpful. I would really appreciate any help that you could give, in showing me how this could best be achieved.

Thanks in advance....

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Hi again.

It appears that I am not allowed to have two threads open about the same amp, but requesting information on different modifications required on it. I apologize if I have posted incorrectly, as it was unintentional, but here is my second request for help on this amp.

Is it possible to wire-in, a "CD/Line-In" input socket, into the LV300Twin, or indeed any flavor of the LV300 series amps. I know that the LX120R has one .... and yes, I do know that the LX120R doesn't have the valve Drive Stage that the LV300 has .... Any thoughts, comments or suggestions, would be appreciated