Hi, I have a 2009 les paul studio and wish to apply a phase switching mod for when both pickups are selected. I wish to use a push-pull pot but due to the modern wiring I am unsure where to start (I have seen all the usual les paul diagrams for a regular wiring system). Any help would be much appreciated and if anyone else has done this mod on a 2009 LP with a similar circuit I would appreciate hearing how you did this. Cheers.

The attached photo (I believe is done correctly) is of the curcuit. I wish to apply the push pull pot to the top right pot (neck tone) the other left pot is the bridge tone, the top left is neck volume and so forth.
Easiest way would be to replace the stuff in there with new pots and wiring. Then you can do whatever you feel like. Not even sure you could manage it with the PCB still installed.