I don't want this to become a vs thread, for the record, I'm just wondering what other people's opinions are on these two guitars and which one i should buy. I've weighted up all of my options for what hardware I'm after ect, and these two have come out on top. So I was wondering if anyone has one of these guitars and if someone can recommend one to me. Thanks )
I've heard mixed things about Dean, but I haven't played any of their guitars before so I can't give any personal advice. I have played an RG, and really liked the sound and feel of it. My only complaint about it was that the middle pickup kept getting on my way. But overall, it was still a solid guitar. I can't comment on the tremolo, since Sam Ash takes the bars off of all the guitars, and also because I don't remember what model it was. Of course, if it does turn out to be a not so good one, I'm sure they could be swaped out.

Overall, the Ibanez would be my choice, but only because I haven't played any of Dean's guitars.

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try both and decide for yourself
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I currently have a dean, and I like it but I've played both and in honestly not sure which one to get, thanks for the feedback about the ibanez's