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Ok, so now that my current strings have lost so much tone it sound's like Im playing a nintendo master system Iv'e dug out my spare set.

but Iv'e got a few options of how to go about restringing, I want some other opinions on this before I do it.

I play a Les paul tuned down to A E A D F# B.

I have a pack of 13's here and a 68 off to the side for my low A.

( 13 - 17 - 26 - 34 - 44 - 54 - 68 )

I can do the following.

(option A) - this is my current setup.

Remove the 34, making my tuning 13-17-26-44-54-68

(option B)

Restring as normal but swap the 54 out for the 68 giving me 13-17-26-34-44-68

(option C)

Remove the 13 and move everything up 1 string giving me 17-26-34-44-54-68

Im personally quite tempted to go with C since I do love my thick strings and already play my acoustic in standard with 13's.

But I dont know if efectivly playing 17 guage strings will give me too much tension despite the low tuning.

What do you guys think?
I'd personally go for B), as there is a large drop between E and A and it will keep the tension fairly comparable between the strings. For the same reason I don't think A) would work very well. I'm not sure about C), personally I've grown to really dislike too much tension on top strings, but if you like that you might give it a try.
Drop A?

13-17-26-34-44-68 should be fine.
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Just buy a 7-string. Damn, dude...

But if you're going to string a 6-string and tune it to Drop A, then go with option B.
^ actually I'm always relieved whenever I see who does NOT buy an ERG just to have the lowest strings, as it is really pointless. Although in such case I'd definitely look for something baritone-ish to tune drop A.