I bought a creative soundblaster zxr in hopes of plugging my esp ltd m-1000 into it to jam in guitar rig. when i plug the guitar into the auxiliary RCA ports (i use an adapter) i get absolutely no sound at all out of it on the recording devices panel on my computer, and nothing in guitar rig either.

if i plug the guitar into the microphone input on the soundcard the resulting audio reverbs (as if it fades in and out repeatedly) seeming like it's being capped off at a certain output.

this happens wether or not guitar rig is loaded up, so i think it's something with the soundcard settings, or my guitar itself.

my question is do i need some sort of preamp, and if I do, what qualifies as a guitar preamp? would an effect pedal work for this purpose?

gear info-
six-core cpu PC w 8 gigs ram + soundblaster zxr and SSD, graphics: r9 270x
guitar - ESP LTD M-1000 Deluxe (see-thru black) - I believe it has the active EMG pickups (i don't know if this would cause a problem?)

thanks in advance, i've spent too much money to give up on this lol.
Hello ! I bought myself same sound card with same hopes of you as you did iplug my guitar into aux with adapter and i get not bad results with guitar rig 5....
you must install latest asio4all driver and it will appear when you start guitar rig and you should choose auxarry and your output from asio ( ı prefer headsets sound much better with headsets... ) almost zero delay but effects quality not perfect at all...
I wonder same thing if i use preamp quality will be better ? did you try something like that ?