Not sure how to search for this, but has anyone compiled a list of artist effects/amps to help build patches? I bought a Zoom G5 and its got so many effects/amps to build with, it can be overwhelming. The presets in the G5 just seem mostly over the top.

I never really paid much attention to what people use to get their tone.

By artists, I'm thinking rock and metal to narrow the my personal query.

But, I also would like to know what is used as a base to get the tone for Reggae, Funk, Jazz.

Thanks for any insight on this :-)
uberproaudio.com will usually have a list of gear someone uses if you type in "*insert name* rig" as long as they are decently famous. Or if they have their own wikipedia page there is usually a gear and equipment list.
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Amps and the like:
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Quote by TheStig1214
uberproaudio.com will usually have a list of gear someone uses if you type in "*insert name* rig" as long as they are decently famous. Or if they have their own wikipedia page there is usually a gear and equipment list.

Very cool website. Thanks!
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Did you buy it new? Besides the manual my g3 came with a pretty amusing pamphlet describing the fx and amp models.

What are you playing it through? Make sure to adjust the "global" settings to whatever your playing it through.

If you're overwhelmed, just keep it simple. Or you can take another approach and sit down and systematically dick around with everything and figure out which does what. It takes a bit of practice but you'll learn to recognize fx in songs and be glad you bought a pedal that can do pretty much anything.

Btw, does the g5 have a decent whammy model?
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I have a G5 actually, and what I did in the beginning was delete all of the standard patches that came on it. To match artist tones, I would pick the amp style I needed (but not necessarily the same amp as the guitarist). That seems a bit unclear, so like... If I wanted to sound like John Frusciante, I wouldn't necessarily use the Fender Twin model, but I would use a really clean amp model, whichever sounds closest to his tone with all the controls at noon (and dropping the gain knob, the Zoom tends to make clean amps more dirty than they should be) and then tweak from there. Likewise, if I were chasing a classic hard rock tone, rather than going for one of the Marshall models I'd rather use the Alien (Engl) model and drop the gain on it (and perhaps run the tubescreamer or the guvnor model as a boost), as I find that its tonal character matches what I hear in songs more. Also, don't be afraid to experiment with changing cabs, if something sounds similar to a tone you want but not quite right, just flip to the last screen and mess around with changing the cab model. I got one of my favorite tones this way, by running the boost pedal and a light fuzz face into a fender twin (was trying to get a grungy Seattle sound) and changing its cab to the Alien 4x12 model, the end result was amazing. So yeah, don't be afraid to experiment and not go the standard route, you *are* using a MFX Modeler after all...

lucky1978 the whammy it has is decent. The polyharmonic one is kind of glitchy, but if you don't care about bending complex chords it works well enough for all my Tom Morello needs.
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You should be able to pull up "rig reports" from Premier Guitar (you'll get very used to hearing Rebecca Dirks' voice in these) and other sites.

The presets on most (if not all) multi-FX gizmos are there to show the extended capabilities available, not to provide anything particularly usable right off the bat. Some manufacturers have provided sites where users (and the manufacturers themselves, on occasion) can upload patches that will zero in on specific artists/gear/songs to share with other users.

Google is your friend.
Great info guys, thanks! I use the headphones out and leave it on Direct, I believe that should keep it as the intended sound for the phones. I have a Fender Stage 112se I barely use since I have sensitive neighbors.

I do have the manual, I was using the Edit&Share software using the pictures to give me and idea of what they do. When you go from using a max of 3 effects, having access to 100+ is insane :-)

Thanks again!


The Premier Guitar Rig reviews are awesome, like history lessons right from the artist!
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