Hey, I have a Mexican Fender Strat. It's only about a month old although I have played it alot. I mostly play heavy metal (thrash) and my pick gets kind of... caught on the strings is how I'd describe it I guess. This only happens during up-picks. Down-picking is all good. Also-up picking multiple strings isn't as bad as just one string.

I was wondering if the problem is:
- My picking technique (I've tried holding my pick and angling it all over the place)
- My pick (I use a fairly heavy pick and it isn't as bad if I'm using a more bendy one)
- Tightness of the strings (some way to tighten without upping the octave or tuning)

I've only really noticed this problem while playing Fender guitars (does Fender suck for heavy metal?), but then again I haven't played anything but Fender very much. Just a couple times.

Thanks, any suggestions are really appreciated lol
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The middle pickup used to get in my way when I first started playing a Strat. I adapted over time and now it doesn't bother me. Plenty of pro headbangers playing Fender so somebody managed to figure it out. I use a ton of palm and heel muting playing a Strat and Tele and it has just become part of my technique.
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Quote by nick1503

I've only really noticed this problem while playing Fender guitars (does Fender suck for heavy metal?)*

absolutely not, nearly any guitar can work for any genre. its about pickups, your amp and your pedals. I use a fender mustang special for black metal