This is really good, love the slow build up, it's very controlled and kept me interested the whole way through. Reminds me a bit of Pink Floyd. Guitar playing is awesome; restrained but tasteful as well. You have good songwriting skills, keep it up
Well, I took an ambien and thats happening. Your song put me into a trance from the start. As the slides were happening i could visually see the music but in a dream state they were more like trees. Sliding and wedging into one another. Then i snaped out. Solid piece. Hahaha! Good job my two cents, like that guy said its pink floydish if you could have kicked in some real percussions at the end and livend that guitar up with some chords and start singing a verse then youd really be playin with fire
Great atmosphere to start with.

The lead tone at :50 is perfect for the track.

Loved that harmony at 1:17; same for the one at 2:20.

At around the four minute mark, I think you need an instrument filling in the higher resisters while the lead guitar plays so low.

Amazing sound at 4:30; very full and powerful, while still being laid-back. Very reminiscent of Explosions In The Sky and This Will Destroy You.

5:20 is great lead-wise, but the wall of sound drops off, making it feel a little emptier than I think it should.

Great work, especially for your first time using Ableton. I've been using Ableton for a few years; if you'd like to C4C any of my work, I'd be very grateful. Links are in my sig.