Been looking around for my first guitar in a while. Mainly right now looking at rock and metal genre such as Metallica and so on. I have found a used ibanez. I don't know the model and the seller did no either it is a HH pickups and comes with small 15 watt amp and cable and an extra set of strings and picks. How do you all think this guitar will work for me just to start out with. It's a pretty decent deal at $150 I thought
Hello Champ198, at about $150 that doesn't sound like a bad deal at all. My only concern would be what model Ibanez it is. It took me over a 2 months of finding my first guitar so I know what its like for it to take a while to find the right fit. Do you have a certain budget for your purchase that your trying to stay in? Also best advice I actually got from UG "don't find your guitar, let it find you" - When I first read that I didn't understand that at all until it happened.
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I do understand that but money is a little right right now so cheaper I can go the better for now to just get started and then I can be a little more selective down the road. Just want to get started playing right now. I also got the guitar tab and all of the add ons for it today also.
I just thought for right now to get me going it was a pretty good deal
It sounds like a pretty good deal. Just be sure to check for any flaws, mainly those that would affect your playing, like if the strings are too high or too low. If there are any fret buzz. Play it, fool around with it for a while, hope that helps you make your decision.
Been looking around on guitar centers website and I can get the same guitar ( I assume it's the same look alike) for $150 it's a ibanez Gio GRG 20Z and they have a fender 25R frontman series 2 for $100. Would I be better off going new? Only reason I thought about going new was if I had a problem with the used guitar or amp. What's your alls opinion on that. Would be about $100 more new than used minus the cables though
$150 if it's the absolute cheapest model ibanez (which it probably is) doesn't sound like that great of a deal to me. But I'm not that well up on USA pricing, especially used.
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I bought a guitar tonight. It's nothing fancy and most will probably say it's junk but it's a first for me and hopefully not the last. I have a friend that owns a pawn shop here in town so went in there to see if I could get a deal on something before I bought the ibanez I was looking at earlier. Well I bought 2 actually and an amp
I bought a fender starcaster it's setup SSH and I also bought a ibanez acoustic. The acoustic is model TCY10e. The ibanez also came with a nice hard case for it. Really nice shape the amp is a small fender frontman. I know this stuff isn't the best out there but I just want something to get started playing again
I got all this plus a cord and pick pack for $262 tax and all so I was happy
it is im nearly 100% ibanez gio because you can buy them in a bundle with a amp and cord etc.... not a bad beginner guitar i played anything from metallica to megadeth on the same setup(15 watt amp and ibanez gio) but consider moving up to something more in the ibanez rg or schecter range in the upcoming year-2 years

on anouther note you could get some more money and move up to a epiphone g400 which is a great guitar for beginner to mid level and go without a amp for alittle while...as 15 watt amps as far as they go(not very far at all) cost around 30$ used
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