Hi, I have an Edwards ecy guitar, it has no fret markers on the fretboard however it does have fret markers on the plastic binding. I was wondering if anyone has had any luck removing fret marker dots from plastic binding? Is it possible to steel wool them off?

Any advice would be great, thanks.
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Why do anything in life? Guitars to me are all about customizing. If thats not your thing why even make such a useless post? I dont need help from no dots, plus it stops wankers like you from being able to play my guitar.
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^Oooookay... It's very unfortunate that you have to react in such a way to post. If you're trying to be funny, you've failed IMHO. Btw, many guitar players need those dots, on a dark stage with a stupid smoke machine blowin to your eyes, it's damn hot and you're sweating and you have no idea where you are on the neck. Maybe then you would like some guidance. He was trying to be helpful and polite and you are.. basically the opposite.

Chances are they might be much in or not as much in the plastic binding. Best way to do it and really customize your guitar is take the whole plastic binding off and put a new one. Hell, refinish the neck if it feels bad, we are talking about customizing, right?
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The dots are inserted into holes in the binding. You’d have to drill them out and fill the hole with something that matches the binding.
Why don't you try steel wool and tell us how it goes.
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Why do anything in life? Guitars to me are all about customizing. If thats not your thing why even make such a useless post? I dont need help from no dots, plus it stops wankers like you from being able to play my guitar.

Customize away. Guitars to me are pretty much about playing. I'm not going to be judgmental even if you want to insert it anally -- which will definitely stop wankers like me from being interested in playing (or purchasing) any guitar you own <G>...

But rather than attack this project from a position of iggernunce, learn how the things were put into the binding in the first place (they're generally not paint dots on the better guitars, but are short lengths of doweling made of inlay material inserted into holes drilled into the side of the fretboard. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wl7Q_P9_bdw

Once you know how they go in, you won't be asking questions about steel wool.
Forgive me if this is coming from a place of "iggernunce" (thank you dspellman for that new word), but couldn't one just try to match as best as possible with some auto touch-up paint and simply...you know...cover them? That, or go through the effort of drilling out the inlays and then replacing them with rosewood or plastic (or whatever material your fretboard/binding is made of) plugs?

Unless they're fluorescent orange or some other gawdawful color that detracts from the appearance, I might be inclined to just leave them, but that's just me.
StarGeezer, yeah i might give that a shot. Even though its an Edwards ECY-165ctm its a pretty cheap-ass guitar, so i wouldnt be surprised if they are just painted on. Seriously never buy one of these guitars, they got the template wrong and all of them have the trem route slightly off centre so the high E is almost hanging off the fretboard. Look at a pic of any ECY and youl see the strings are off centre towards the treble end. I managed to semi-correct mine by filing down the sides of the saddles so i could move them all slightly towards the bass end.

I always buy jap made, but i though ill give China a go. NEVER AGAIN! still apart from the crappy build quality it sure is a nice looking axe and I do enjoy playing it. Should have saved up and bought a J custom or something though.
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You're a terrible human being.
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You could just drill them out with a dremel.

Why you would ever want to do this is beyond me though. Especially to such a guitar.
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Here is an idea.

Why not just tell those people who you don’t want to play with your guitar "NO" ?

How does removing the dots stop them? Unless your mods involve replacing them with razor blades.
I'm not even sure I look at inlays any more, unless it's to see where someone *else* is playing his guitar. Once I know where the 12th fret is, my hand finds its way.

I'm not sure that I understand villifying (OR the opposite) an entire nation's guitar output based on one example (and this one's a bit confusing, since all the Edwards ECY-165 CTMs I've seen to date have been Japanese...) out of hundreds of thousands.

If it's truly a set of painted dots, perhaps they can be scraped off with a razor blade. Might want to determine that before going in, however.
Really weird thread, to each his own i guess....Don't use steel wool, If you find yourself holding a power tool to the neck of your guitar consider what the hell you are doing, then stop. If anything try to either scrap them out (lightly) with a razor blade, or just maybe find some paint that matches the binding and use a fine-tip brush to go over the dots, when/if you wear the paint off just do it again, then if you find one day you want the dots, then they are still on there.