I'm going to buy a first electric guitar (i've been playing acoustic for a few years), but i still don't know which one is better to buy: Epiphone LP 100, Epiphone SG G400 or Squier Affinity Strat. I'm going to play stuff like AC/DC, Guns N' Roses, SOAD, Kings of Leon, Fall out Boy, Foo Fighters, Sum41 and like that (i hope you got that i mean)
I like how look LP and SG and Strat, but LP i love more. I began to doubt when i read that LP 100 is much worse than Squier Strat, so now i can't choose which one is better to buy. Help me
Out of those 3, I've tried them all, I'd go for the SG G400. It sounds good, plays fine, had a very good feeling. Would be a really good learning guitar. Better for changing tunings than the Squier.
However, a guitar being worse than other is sometimes subjective. Any guitar could have manufacturing flaws, more of them setup problems. The Affinity series come in a pack too, where you get an amplifier as well and something on top of it, but I am sure that if you go out and buy the Epi SG, you could get the same kind of deal. The Affinity would probably be the most versatile, but as said, I would go for the SG.
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Epi makes a few damn fine Les Pauls. But the 100 ain't it (IMO). Quirky with a slim body and bolt on neck too.

SG G400 all the way. It is a great guitar as is.
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I've owned two of those (I had the Strat for two years and the G-400 for about two and a half years) and played the third.

The first thing to say is that all are, in themselves, good beginner guitars, but at beginner prices there's usually going to be a compromise. In terms of sound, I have to say I think the G-400 is the best-sounding guitar overall, just on anecdotal evidence. I also think it's the best suited for the styles you want to play. That said, the Strat with a humbucker at the bridge can make some pretty decent noises too, and has a wider range. Personally I think that's less of a concern because having the G-400 won't prevent you from doing anything, it just means the sound might be harder to achieve. The Les Paul would also be pretty well suited to your styles, but not as good as the SG in terms of general quality of sound.

With the Strat you get the fun of having a tremolo arm, but for me at least that was mostly a heap of tuning problems... There's a lot of fiddly stuff to go wrong with the tremolo in my experience. Besides, I think most of the stuff you want to play was done with fixed bridges so it's not such a big deal. The Les Paul 100 likewise I've heard one or two bad things about the reliability. In the time I've owned my G-400, however, my worst problems have been dust in the switch.

Basically, I think for the most part the G-400 is a better-made, better-sounding guitar, but you're going to have to shell out more for it I imagine. If you want to go for the cheaper ones, I think I'd lean towards the Strat slightly but it's a close thing. What I'd say of the G-400 is that if you get that, I doubt you'll be absolutely desperate to get yourself a better guitar too soon.
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I'd definitely go with the G-400. I've got one myself and it's lasted me quite some time. The Affinity series isn't anything special, since it comes in a package deal. When I was looking for my first guitar I had read there were plenty of issues with the LP-100, mainly that the build quality wasn't up to par. Best of luck finding something you like.
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I bought a G-400 as my first guitar and I think it's a great guitar for the money. My current main guitar is a Gibson Les Paul Traditional but I still use the Epi quite often because it's such a nice guitar to play because of its slim neck. The G-400 is also the best guitar for the styles you play, although you probably can get the sounds you want with the other guitars as well.

I certainly wouldn't buy the LP100 because it's got a bolt-on neck and I don't think the build quality is at the same level as the build quality of the G-400.

I don't know a lot about the Strat so I can't really give you my opinion on that guitar, but I think a SG or Les Paul is better for the sounds you're after.
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i think the g400 is higher end than the other two
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Epi makes a few damn fine Les Pauls. But the 100 ain't it (IMO). Quirky with a slim body and bolt on neck too.

SG G400 all the way. It is a great guitar as is.

I agree. Don't get an LP 100. I went out on the limb to buy it as my first electric guitar, but I was pretty disappointed, sold it, and traded it in for an Epi Standard Pro Plus Top LP after a second guitar. That thing is freaking amazing. If I were you, id save up the extra hundred bucks or euros and get an LP standard pro. But I'm not dissing the G-400 in any way. I've played a couple SG's in my time and I have enjoyed them much more then my bandmate's Squire Affinity, or that short time with an LP 100.
Get the G-400. That'll go great with the Foo, AC/DC, GNR, FOB, Sum, and Kings Of Leon. Unless you're a huge hardcore System of a Down fan and you want to sound exactly like them, go with the SG G-400
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I'm a SG fanboy so I'm going to say SG. :P

That said, check your private message inbox, Kravtisimo.
G400 if you must have one of the three.

So many better options if you go used. Strat, LP and SG bodies are just shapes. Yeah, the body shape and weight affects tone, but so do pickups and amp.

I'd look into Agile if you want a Les Paul and live in America. Go to Squier Classic Vibe for a strat, or get a used Made in Mexico strat. If you want an SG, a G400 will be fine, but a used Gibson Faded or Studio will be better. Or you can get an LTD-1000 series Viper.
Guys, many thanks to you all, your help is very appreciated Now I'm gonna buy an Epi G400. I'm sure it's going to be an awesome purchase Thank you all!