Hey there, im interested in recording effects. But heres the catch. I dont want to use any pedals or anything, just the microphone.

Not sure about this but if im not mistaken some of the early artist like the beatles created some effects in this way?
This probably sounds like jibberish :/

If anyone could please give me some interesting effects and how to achieve them in this manor, it would be much appreciated.
What effects are you after?
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Phasing and flanging are born from doing funky things with reel-to-reel tape recorders. Pedal, some kind of digital effect in the DAW, or nothing unless you have access to literally tens of thousands of dollars worth of vintage recording gear.

Why are you so set on doing these things without pedals? You're just making it needlessly hard.
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Why are you so set on doing these things without pedals? You're just making it needlessly hard.

Pretty much this
Yeah, the whole reason they invented pedals was to make these effects more practical - and nowadays seeing as the reel-to-reel recorders that were originally used to make the effect are so rare pedals, or simulated pedals, are pretty much your only option.
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For delay, just play the same note over and over, a little more softly each time.

For reverb, play really loudly inside a concrete building.

For a rotating speaker effect, hold the microphone by its cord and swing it around your head.
Unless you're going to spend a ton of money on high end recording software (and the even more expensive console you need to use it effectively), pedals will be the highest quality sound you can get. Low end software effects sound like ass, generally.

And if somehow you do manage to get an analog "phaser" from old tape machines, it's definitely not something you'd be able to just sit and play with. Back when bands like the Beatles were pioneering the use of studio equipment for weird sounds, they would record a "dry" track, and then play it back through hardware with different settings, and then mix the two tracks down onto a single tape. A difficult, time consuming process, and always the chance of ruining the recording entirely. Precisely why they put the effect in a pedal!
old post but. Yeah i just thought it would be fun to lock my self away for a bit playing with microphones and stuff. just curious about it all.
John Lennon wanted to record the vocals for "Tomorrow Never Knows" while swinging from a rope around a microphone. Whenever he brought it up around producer George Martin, he would reply, "I'm working on it."
In the end they took the easy way out by wiring the microphone through a Leslie cabinet, but that doesn't mean you couldn't give it a try!