I'm pretty new to recording stuff (or at least semi-decent quality stuff) so I don't have too many options and these are what I am limited to. Which of these would you guys say is my best bet? And if anyone could give me anymore information on either or why it's better that'd be really appreciated.

Thank you!
They're both quite different devices.

With the M Audio, that's just an interface. That will allow you to plug your guitar straight into it or a mic but it won't add anything to the sound. There's no amp modelling or anything. If you want to add amps etc you'll have to do that in a digital audio workstation (DAW).

With the POD X3, that's actually an amp simulator. It has amps and effects built in, so it can record already amp'd tones.

Do you have an amp already?
I understand that, I already do have an amp. Part of my current rig is a Zoom G2.1nu multieffects pedal which also plugs into my computer and I use for recording, but the quality that I get out of that is below satisfactory, now I don't know if that is because of the effects unit itself or some other reason, I just assume it's because of the effects unit simply because when I'm not recording, the sound is actually decent. Any ideas?

Edit: Then again it could just be due to my inexperience when it comes to recording.
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