It's hard to discern from the video, as the sound quality isn't all that great in the room. If I were your teacher/instructor, I would say that you have some of it down really well, and other parts need a little work. One of the limiting factors I found was the tone and not your playing. The tone was a little clean and twangy for the Rhoads sound. In the solo, I was surprised that you nailed some of the faster parts better than the slower ones. Last, I thought the second verse turnaround fill was pretty good. The first one, which is classic Randy, I couldn't hear well enough.

I'm curious if you practice standing vs. sitting that much. The reason that I ask is that it appeared that your left hand wasn't in the best position to be free and fluid. I know it doesn't look that cool to have your guitar higher on the body, but it can be easier to play. Another thing to make it easier to play standing during a solo is to have it positioned more vertically allowing your left hand to hit the high registers without all the wrist bend.

And by the way, I would never have even noticed your size! Don't fret it!
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Damn. That is some seriously constructive criticism! And you're right, I do play sitting down most of the time. Thanks!!!