I'm a newbie guitar player. I need u guys opinion on the home practice amp.
Now i'm using Roland Cube 15XL and ME-25 for home practice.
But the sound is terrible. i'm sure is it because of the tone setting or what. Do i need to buy a new amp? oh anyway, i'm using cheap guitar, LTD EC-10.

Appreciate any comments or guidance from all of u..

Thanks in advance
What you have there is a great little practice amp, and a fairly solid multi effects unit. I don't believe your kit is the problem, however as you are new to guitar your lack of experience is probably the issue. Experiementation with this sort of thing takes time.

As a starter, try taking the ME25 out of the equation. Your amp has effects built in, therefore adding more effects is unnecessary. Learn how to use your amp to make the best of it. Alternatively, set your amp completely clean and use the ME25 for everything, learning how to get the best out of that.

The main thing though, is that as a learner remember than too many effects can hide the mistakes you're making and slow down your learning process. Use them when you're playing for fun, but during serious practice sessions go as clean as possible.
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thank u for your kind reply.. maybe i used too much effects and the sound goes messy..how about my cheap guitar? is it also affects the sound?
The cheap guitar will affect the sound, but to a very limited degree. Start without any effects, using just the amp. Get a good base sound first.
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