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I attached a vocal recording I just did of Death Cab For Cuties - I'll Follow You Into The Dark, and I've identified four major problems with my vocals but I'm not sure how to fix them.

The problems seem to be: lisping, overly breathy, tonality/pitch and timing. I've done a few other recordings and I seem to have the same problems with them as well.

So what can I do to enhance my vocal? I'm really hoping to be able to play in a band, record an album and maybe do a few gigs.. but I know I'm not ready yet.

Signal Chain
Shure SM58 microphone
Apogee Duet 2 audio interface
MacBook Pro
Logic Pro X "tracking vocal" preset
Shure SRH840 headphones
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You can fix two of your problems just by slowing down, and enunciating properly. Try recording the exact same track again but exaggerating all the syllables.
Try playing to a backing track or while playing guitar. You're pitchy but the foundation is definitely there and it seems like you transition from full voice to head voice pretty smoothly (unless the entire thing was done in head voice, which it may have been).

There's nothing wrong with hitting the high notes in the song in head voice, but if you'll listen to the original, you'll notice that it's all sung in full voice up until the "blackest of rooms" segment where he transitions into head voice. Again, there's nothing wrong with singing it the way that you are but I think it's important for everybody to learn how to sing higher notes (C4-G4 and on) in full voice.
You have a nice smooth voice man. You were a bit pitchy at times but that happens to the best of us; just keep practicing it. In regards to the head voice transitions, I actually think that you transition really nicely; but as Milan said, this song doesn't require much head voice. I recommend trying some open throat exercises and try to get that nice open throat "AH" feeling into those high parts.

Maybe try this exercise


Notice how the back of your throat feels when you do the AH vowel. Don't push or strain though. Again, all of this is arbitrary, because you are doing it nicely at the moment. It's really just a matter of taste! I'm not expert either haha, I just read a lot so take my advice with a grain of salt.

Good luck.