Hey y'all,

I'm in Europe for the summer, and I brought my little 5 watt Gibson amp with me for playing. Trouble is I've been too afraid to plug it in for fear that the increased voltage will destroy it. I'm not sure that it can't handle 220V, but something tells me that a practice amp from the 60s wasn't built with the circuitry to handle that.

Do I need a step-down transformer or nah?

Where do you live, where is the amp from, and what does the amp say?
'cause nowadays it's a standard to write the current a device is designed to work with near the power input thing.
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I'm now in Sweden, the amp is from the US circa 1960 and it doesn't say much of anything, almost all of the information on the back of the amp has faded away.
If it's from the USA then it's best your don't plug it into 220V. The age of the amp is irrelevant. Yes you need a xformer.
You will absolutely fry that amp if you plug it into 220V. If it hasn't been recapped it may fry itself even with 120V.