I'm a vocalist and well I'd be needing a guitarist, bassist and drummer or programmer. The project would be something along the lines of atmospheric/depressive/ambient black metal and such. So yeah, anyone interested get in touch. And only get in touch if not only are you interested but also have the time. Cheers. lml
I won't express direct interest in this as of yet, but as with all online collaborations - you seem to forget to mention many relevant details.

- the means of online communication, skype/facebook/etc?
- previous experience, not to mention actual experience in the instrument mentioned?
- recording potential, can you record your parts on a professional level?
- what is your actual gear, - 6 string guitar? Perhaps you want an 8 - string?
- you should post and elaborate on your own experience and possible demos?
- what is the songwriting method you propose to utilize?

These are some of the GLARING issues you do not bother to mention, and there are many others. Very few musicians who are interested in more-or-less professional collaborations will be interested in this.
Thanks for pointing this out. Well to address some of what you said:

-The means of communication really depends on the other person, facebook being the most convenient

-Previous experience, well I have another online project called Xolaria. It's technical death metal

-I have a much better mic now than I did on the early Xolaria tracks so as far as doing vocals on a black metal project, the quality is good enough. Does the job.

-Any guitar/bass/drums/keyboards(which I did forget to mention would be crucial for this) specifics are really up to the person doing it. As long as it sounds good I don't really care much the type of guitar/etc they use.

I believe these are the most relevant, I'm just going for an online collab with people who will hopefully put time into it. It doesn't have to be pro perfect from the start, so long as we're happy with the results. Ideally a demo should be made to mess around with what we'd be going for and such.
This sounds fun tbh. I could do some guitars if you wanted. What are you thinking sound-wise for this?
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Hey, I'm a guitarist/bassist and I program drums aswell... My most Black Metal track was this black thrash thing I did a while ago https://soundcloud.com/andreas-stieglitz/born-ov-mist-and-fire. I'd be interested in a some collaborations as long as there isn't too much pressure and it's just for the music we make. I'm from Europe (just in case we're in different time zones). I could make some more ambient black metal aswell. Send me something here or on soundcloud or whatever if you're interested :-)
I can program some synths or whatever too if needed...
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I wouldn't mind in aswell. I've got a guitar and a 5 string bass. My method of recording is usb through amp or multi effects (Could send sample) if that would do?

email ad117000@googlemail.Com if you want to chat I have skype and all that jazz.
Send me a demo idea, without drums/percussion, I will punch in the rest. Let me know if you are interested.