Hello everyone! I am a musician/music teacher that primarily plays acoustic/classical music, so I don't know too much about electric guitar stuff.

My wife recently bought an old Westone Corsair XA1420 from the shop we teach at. The shop owner found this guitar in a dumpster and basically "frankensteined" it back to life with an aftermarket bridge/block/claw and put a Seymour Duncan in the bridge. After I removed the locking nut and put a fresh set of .11's on it, the guitar plays VERY well. There are a few problems with the wiring cutting out and some tuning stability, so I'm wanting to upgrade a few things.

I am not a fan of the locking nut thing. I actually would much prefer a hardtail. But I have recently discovered Guthrie Govan (I know I'm late haha) and really like his idea of the Floyd Rose with no fine tuners and bone nut with the Sperzels. Could I drop something like that in this guitar without the extra routing? Here is a link to the guitar

The red one is the one I have. I can take pictures of mine if need be. Also, this guitar has a Gibson style pickup selector, could I change that easily to a strat style pickup selector? That isn't necessary just more of a cosmetic thing to me haha.

Thanks for any help in advance.