I'm thinking about the Fender CB-100CE but please say if you have anything better. I won't normally use an amp but I'd like the feature.
I believe Takamine do some nice ones, and you could look into Farida, as their low priced model, not sure on the name, feels great and sounds as good, good luck.
I bought a Dean EABC (their base model) a little over a year ago and liked it enough that I bought a Dean Exotica. They're $399 (I think that's about £230) but you can find good deals on ebay and I thought that's where I'd find mine until I saw one in Guitar Center for$215 brand new and not a factory second, either...Blue Tag sale.
The DWC-Aphex Aural Exciter & Big Bottom Circuitry gives it more tonal options than most acoustic basses.