Hello, I'm a begginer, I only have made 1 tab, and it's of a band from SPAIN.
I've been searching REIGNWOLF tabs for a long time, and I haven't found anyone.

I need some help with the song "PALMS TO THE SKY", I can't figure out the tuning, and I can't find the right notes.

I'm trying to play "ARE YOU SATISFIED", but it's very diffycult to me without a tab.

If anybody can help me, I will be very happy

Never heard Palms to the Sky. I stumbled upon a cover he did of a fleetwood mac song on his mandolin and wondered why this guy hasn't launched yet. I checked out are you satisfied and it's pretty much E A G. Play the E as an open chord because that's where he gets his little riff he shreds instead of the E sometimes . And that's goes open on the low E, third fret low E which is the G. Then open on the A string and a slide from the second fret to the seventh to end it, which is B back to the E. Then into the A barre chord and then the G. Pretty easy I'll listen to the other one. In the dark is pretty tight. Just a blues riff in A D and E
As far as solos try learning your penatonic scales before trying to learn specific solos. And just play licks in the keys he plays in. Mostly all in E pentatonic and use some arpeggios for the G and A.