Hello all!

My band Define Irony recently kicked out our rhythm guitarist for various reasons. We've put our bassist/vocalist on guitar as he wrote a good majority of our songs so far.

So therefore we're looking for a skilled bass player. We're no specific genre. We're ages 16-19.

We have a drummer, screamer, female clean, male clean/guitarist, and a lead guitar.

Here's a list of our requirements, PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU'RE IN THE AREA

Requirements :
Must have your own gear

Must be tour available (we have not toured but are looking to soon!!)

Must be dedicated. We're very serious but down to earth about this, its our future and possibly yours too.

Can't be old as ****.

Must be okay with cigarettes.

Can't be a drug addict or drunk.

Here's our facebook: facebook.com/defineironyband
And music: defineirony.bandcamp.com
Must be musically creative, as in, you're expected to write haha.