I'm sorry for posting about this but I could not find any up to date threads about this. I am having an insanely hard time finding a 6 pin MIDI cable for my Randall RG 100G3 212 combo, footswitch. Is there someone out there that can post a link to where I can get one? I've searched eBay and amazon, but no luck. my searches only turn up mini cables for computer keyboards and stuff of that nature. Any help would be awesome!
MIDI is 5 pin.
My Randall RM100 has a 7 pin for some reason but you just use a 5 pin DIN cable into it for MIDI.

Go count the pins again.
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MIDI data is transferred over 5 pins, but the thing may as well be transferring more than MIDI data.

Anyway, 270° 7 pin din connectors are compatible with 180° 5 pin din ones, and both of them are the most common 7 pin and 5 pin connectors respectively, but the most common 6 pin din (240° connector isn't connectable to a 180° pin din.
You either need another 240° 6 pin din or a 240° 5 pin din connector, and if it's the last one you can only plug a male 5 pin in a female 6 pin.

If the output of the footswitch is a 240° 6 pin din you gotta find a 240° 6 to 240° 6 pin, and if the fs output is a 180° 5 pin you either have to get a 180° to 240° 5 pin male to male din cable, or a 180° 5 to 240° 6 pin male to male din cable, the one you find for less money.
If you think you'll ever use it for other stuff, get the 180° to 240° 5 pin 'cause you never know.

Anyway TS, for the love of *whoever reeeeally loves you*, stop searching for MIDI cables, you'll only find overpriced 180° 5 pin din cables.

Here you go anyway, but you can probably find cheaper stuff looking around a bit - http://www.ebay.com/itm/us-seller-ZAPCO-SYMBILINK-6-PIN-DIN-DATA-CABLE-6-FT-LONG-PATCH-CORD-SLDIN-06-/251520902552?pt=US_Adapters&hash=item3a8fd06598
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