I recently acquired an old (1970's?) classical guitar, made in Japan. The brand is Kimbara. It is very dirty and desperately in need of a good cleanup job, it also has suffered some minor damage over the years, but it is very well made, has a beautiful mosaic roset, and the sound is really nice and warm. All I've been able to find out so far about the brand Kimbara is this information from Wikipedia:

"Kimbara is the brand name of a range of guitars which were commissioned by the UK-based musical instrument wholesaler FCN Music. The brand name was first registered on the 2nd of January 1968, but there has never been a Kimbara "factory" as such. The production involved FCN Music commissioning guitars from various different factories across the Far East. Initially guitars were produced in Japan, in the late 1980’s guitars were sourced from Korea and in the late 1990’s instruments moved to factories in China. The Kimbara brand mark has been used on classical, steel strung, and electric guitars and basses. The price of a Kimbara guitar put it in the 'budget' range of guitars (The 8/Y model was available from 1977-1990 and its last RRP was £186.00). But they were nonetheless attractively designed, well made, and had surprisingly good tone."

The label in my Karimba guitar has some Japanese characters on it that, hopefully, may provide some extra information, such as where and when this particular model was manufactured. I'd be very grateful if anyone could translate the Japanese characters for me. Thank you !

I have a Kimbara 12 string guitar and very good it is too. Generally, Kimbara guitars are good quality, well-made instruments.

I'm afraid I don't read Japanese but that guitar is probably one of the early Kimbaras, probably late 60's.

Congratulations - nice find.